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Hi Everyone,

Just wanted to say Thank You Thank You. I believe I have found a community where I can let all my steam & frustrations out.

For a while now, I thought I was the only one in this sticky situation. I know all our situations are different but I feel we can all relate in some way or another.

Since I can't talk to my significant other (SO) about my "true hidden" feelings about the "child" I will talk to ya'll.

If I could ask my SO questions, what would it be?

1. Why do you have to call your "child" every single day? I know your "child" lives in an another state but .. every single day?

2. You told me that you will forever be thankful for your "ex" because the ex has given you something worth more to you than anything else in this world. You say that doesn't mean you still love your ex but let me ask, if given that second chance would you take it? remember now, you will forever be thankful for that special gift your ex has given you

3. What really happened between the two of you. What was the big season finale you two ended the relationship, especially since you both just had a "child".

4. When you call your child each day & the ex comes on the line, do you think of your past?

5. Do you call your child each & every day to see what the child & ex are doing, have done, have eaten for dinner, are watching, or plan & simple done throughout their day? Do you sometimes put yourself there with them as your child tells you what they & ex have done?

Ok that was a little more than 5 questions. But do you see how my mind is constantly wondering these crazy thoughts? Every single day.

I'll end for now cause I could go on and on...

Once again, thank you for the support & advice. I can't wait to develop friendships, especially from people who can actually "relate" with what I'm going through.

Muchos Gracias!
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