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The whole flamewar we had recently makes a lot of sense now. The uproar I provoked by this post seems to be based on the idea that I would hurt a child. This notion is further illuminated by this remark:

I guess it makes me sad that someone could be so selfish that they are willing to push away a child just so she could have a man all to herself.

Yes it does appear selfish, and I am the first to admit I am emotionally confused and hurting at the moment. However when his baggage does eventually show up, he will be a man, not a child. I DON'T hurt children, I never will, and I think that is something a lot of people misinterpreted.

P.S. Keep up with those ideas for community rules! ;)
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you seem to confuse the word child with the age of the child. from where I sit it's irelevant if the mans son or daughter is 13 or 33, they're still his offspring and deserve better. he/she doesn't stop being his son/daughter at age 18.
Oh My God! Where was I and how did I miss the entire post?

I fear for my sanity!

keep up the good work EP - and I'll get to back you with my contribution to the rules - :-)

Freaks - ya gotta love 'em!

HM x
*hugs* Thanks babe. How's that messenger-downloading going?
downloading as we speak - might take a while as we've only got shitty dial up at the moment.

HM x
However when his baggage does eventually show up, he will be a man, not a child.

That's why you need to sign away all parental rights NOW and get the restraining order when his child turns 18. Trust me, nothing will keep a child away from finding a birth parent better than a restraining order! They're so easy, too, and once you're married you can do it without your husband even knowing. But when that kid shows up, CALL THE COPS!