english_peach (english_peach) wrote in anti_baggage,

Anti-baggage: Extreme and loving it!

Because we don't think like everyone else this makes us extreme and socially unacceptable. Well tosh! I'm sure feminism seemed extreme 50 years ago! It takes a few extreme individuals to start a revolution! And just cause we don't want to be mummies or friends to our partners baggage, doesn't mean we arn't entitled to our opinions and beliefs!

Apparently we're so extreme, we're famous! I was talking in a totally unrelated community today when an LJer said:

"Didn't you know? You've been the subject of quite a few frenzied postings on parenting communities all around the 'net. There are links on several off-LJ sites I read occasionally, having a spawn of my own, and after reading more than one person screaming for your forced sterilization I had to go see for myself the community and person creating such an uproar. Bleh. I was hoping for some creature with horns and fangs, and you've sadly disappointed. :p "

Viva La Revolution!

How's life girls?
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