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From my journal today:

Disclaimer: I have been acting the devil's advocate since the day I came into this world. I take no responsibility for the use of "I", "You" or "Them" that may be confusing. I take no responsibility for the emotional consequences of the following post. The use of "I", "You" or "Them" may or may not be used in a personal context, a general context or a specific context. I may or may not be speaking the entire truth or telling the entire story. This is a brief minute in my day and what is going on in my mind in that brief minute.


K's ex-wife Gwen, the boys' "Mom", called last night for probably the 5th time between last and this week. This time she wanted more money. Money for keeping her electricity and water on. Money she is practically BLACKMAILING k for, because she KNOWS he would never allow the boys to stay there under those conditions. And we are leaving for Canada on the 27th. How friggin convenient.

That bitch is so fucked up it's not even funny. And pardon my language, but this is almost turning into a rant session. When I think of how she's sitting up there partying all the time and making up excuses why she can't see the boys or why she can't afford to come down or asking k for money, it just infuriates me because here I am busting my ass every day making sure they are well fed and loved, etcetcetc and nobody PAYS me for that priviledge! I can see why so many women consider their partner's children to be "baggage", and it is, to an extent. Nobody would think twice if someone said, "my boyfriend has too much emotional baggage, like he constantly looks at other women and leaves socks on the floor", but if someone said, "my boyfriend has two kids who piss on the floor, eat all our food and hog all my partner's time", people would freak out. But nobody wants all of this responsibility or the heaviness of knowing that if I want HIM, I have to want THEM and that I HAVE to shit or get off the pot and not just in that cute, "I wonder if we'd make a good match", way but in the "WE'D BETTER BE A GOOD MATCH BECAUSE THIS COULD FUCK THE KIDS UP FOR LIFE IF IT DOESN'T!!!!" kinda way.

Whatever the case, my point is that I stay out of his business as far as whatever he chooses to do, but I damned well told him not to give her any money. They are divorced now and he doesn't owe her jack SHIT. She, however, should be paying ME to take care of HER kids which SHE abandoned so SHE could be "independent".

It's a good thing those kids are super cute, that's for sure.

/end rant
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