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Open Letter To The "Step"

Dear Current Partner of My Ex-Partner,

I am a single parent who has sole custody of a small child. My former partner plays little to no part in my child's life (and never has), though occasionally he/she will butt his/her head in and try to take part in my child's life.

Keep my ex-partner occupied and away from my child, please.

I do not want you or my ex-partner to play any part in my child's life. I am now remarried and we have a happy family. Your partner's selfish desire to have a half-hearted relationship with my child does nothing but continue to hurt my child and disrupt his/her life, not to mention put strain on your relationship. My spouse provides better care than my ex ever has and we are more than fine on our own. My child is being more hurt by the little scraps of attention my ex throws his/her way sporadically. It would be best for all of us if contact was severed permanently.

For the sake of everyone, get my ex-partner to sign away all of his/her parental rights. I know this will be difficult as my ex sees our child as a possession, but I hope your influence will break this. I do not want child support. I do not want any sort of contact whatsoever. I know you don't want to be a part of my child's life and I don't want to have to worry about how that will affect my child. Trust me, I don't want to have ANYTHING to do with your partner/my ex OR want either of you to have ANYTHING to do with my child. Don't worry about us ever bothering you, either. Should my child ever get that urge to reconnect, counseling will be in order and I suggest you get a restraining order against my child when he/she turns 18 just in case he/she should ever seek you.

You can have my ex- all of him/her- 100%. Get my ex to drop the baggage- really it's best for all of us in the long-term.


The Parent of Your Partner's Child

(P.S.- I think what you are doing here is bloody brilliant! More women should be angry about their partners having children and should put their foot down that the partner should cut the child out of their lives. It is best for everyone!!!!)
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