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New Community Rules

Hello everyone.

As we are a controversial community I think it may be a good idea to enforce a few guidelines to ensure discussion runs smoothly.

Do you guys have any ideas for community rules? After all, this is YOUR community :)

I have already adjusted the community settings so only members can post AND comment. I have also made that ‘contentious’ post of mine friends-only so trolls don’t become attracted.

Let me know your ideas for new community rules and I shall put them in the user info ;)


Peach xxx

EDIT: Edited to add this message from another LJer:

"I wanted to let you know that the reason why so many ladies where freaking out in mybabydaddy was because you posted about your communtiy to a group of moms who have to deal with the man leaving or something for another girl, and then they are alone...That is why you were getting yelled at."

Which makes a lot of sense now. Perhaps rule #1 "No baby mama drama"
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I think I'm gonna likebeing 'controversial'

Gonna have a long hard think about rules - but not tonight as I want to let my brain mush after a long week at work!

Hope you are well!

HM x
I'm good sweetie! :)

How's things with you?
Right now they are shit - his honour has stomped off to bed - and all I wanna do is cry! Is it so wrong of me to want to sit and have a drink with him and chat and listen to some music on a friday night? It's not like we get much time on our own together thats not consumed with having to get ready for work the next day, or having to have an early night because we've got HD the next day - but he's decided that HE'S tired therefore we have to go to bed!! I'm not a fucking concubine!! I'm 30 - not 60 - I wanna have some fun!! He makes me so mad sometimes!!


HM x
HM don't be sorry babe. I'm here for you. I understand your frustration and upset. Do you have yahoo messenger? I would love to chat to you :)

Keep your chin up and don't let the bastards grind you down.

I don't have it - but i'll look into installing it and let you know.

HM x
i'm against your first and, so far, only rule.
anti_baggage to me is a lot about baby mamma drama.
and if your man's ex, the mother of his kid, was trying to get [more? any?] child support out of him and/or trying to get back with him, you'd be bitching about it in here too.
true - but I think (and feel free to contradict me here EP) that what we don't want is lots of 'the other side of the fence' arguments - we get that everyday - we need to come here to be free of the EX syndrome.

HM x
i don't consider the SO's kid(s) as the only baggage and i'm sure the owner of this community would prefer the ex of her SO were dead herself.
and it wouldn't be arguments. it would just be bitching and venting. and this is the only place that it seems welcome at because i bitch about how i don't want the kid around and the only other places [the stepparenting (or the like) communities] get SOOOO upset when we're not fawning over the pwecious little children and loving them like we'd love our own [not that i WANT children at all..].
"and this is the only place that it seems welcome at because i bitch about how i don't want the kid around"

I think I've gotten confused somewhere - that IS what this forum is for - we are probably just reading different perspectives into 'baby mamma drama'.

I don't think of just the kid as baggage - and as I have said before somewher - I could probably cope with HD if her mother was vanished off the face of the earth as it's HER that causes all the grief.

I'm a bit 'woo' this morning (heavy night last night) so I don't think this is coming out how I mean it to - I've re-read it and it seems harsh, but its totally the opposite!

I AM confused!! :-)

HM x

i'm sure the owner of this community would prefer the ex of her SO were dead herself.

Oh yes! :)

And bitching and venting about baggage and baby mammas is A OK here :) We are NOT the sort of community that sees step-parenting as nurturing the baggage child like it's our role and expectation.

However, bitter baby mammas THEMSELVES are not welcome here. You understand now? *hugs*
If the SO dies than YOU have to have the child. Eek! Why would you want that?? You should want her live long and hate your SO so that she'll keep the child away.
Get your partner to sign away all of his/her parental rights. Problem solved and everyone wins!
But some of us on the other side of the fence agree with you entirely. We don't want you in our child's lives any more than you want to be! :0)
Oh no. I think you misunderstand me. I'm against the baby mammas coming here and spouting off! :) This place is for us to bitch about them.
I don't know why a "baby mama" would be against you all. I think the sentiments you're expressing here are wonderful! If anything the "baby mama" should see you as an ally in getting the father away from the child once and for all. That's definitely how I see it. I wish more women were like you all so we could get the men to drop their baggage once and for all. Really, it's best for everyone.