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New Community Rules

Hello everyone.

As we are a controversial community I think it may be a good idea to enforce a few guidelines to ensure discussion runs smoothly.

Do you guys have any ideas for community rules? After all, this is YOUR community :)

I have already adjusted the community settings so only members can post AND comment. I have also made that ‘contentious’ post of mine friends-only so trolls don’t become attracted.

Let me know your ideas for new community rules and I shall put them in the user info ;)


Peach xxx

EDIT: Edited to add this message from another LJer:

"I wanted to let you know that the reason why so many ladies where freaking out in mybabydaddy was because you posted about your communtiy to a group of moms who have to deal with the man leaving or something for another girl, and then they are alone...That is why you were getting yelled at."

Which makes a lot of sense now. Perhaps rule #1 "No baby mama drama"
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