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I posted to another response(I hope this is not considered offensive)

Hi, I am very new to this, and i responded to another post, but, I wanted to share my story about my situation. I am a step parent, and I also have my own biological children too, so my husband is a step parent too. I am going to copy and paste my earlier post if that is ok from an earlier post I replied to if that is ok..
Well, I guess you would have to understand each and everyones situation.. not everyone has little children like you may think.. My husband has children from a previous marrage, and though they are my step children, they are OLDER children.. and let me tell ya, i have bent over backwards to do what I can to help as much as I can, only to be treated with disrespect, and all that from both the TEEN and the mother.. alcohol and drugs were brought into my home and used, of course now the TEEN, not child is not allowed into my home without his father being here.. i will not allow it.. my undergarments were found in his room only to be found they were used for his PLEASURE,as well as my daughters garments.. if you know what I mean.. money was stolen out of my purse..hard core porn movies, so, not all family have innocent nice, children..15 at the time..16 now.. this teen is now in counseling, and we are trying to do what is best. I have tried my best to do what I can, and the mother could care less if we are involved in his counsling or not.. he has unhealthy behavior obviously, and I do not want him around my children with his perverted behavior.. what if he should molest one of them?? after finding out he stole my undergarments, and my daughters, and did inappropriate things with them, who is to know??? now the other stepson, is much different.. it is very odd.. he is very respectful, and we get along fine. I personally think that the younger one has much deeper problems and needs some major counseling.. I myself went to a counseler and she told me it is over and beyond normal male curiousity to do some of the things he has done.(experimenting is one thing, but the undergment thing, is going over and beyond..)
Anyway.. this is what I have been dealing with, and it has been somewhat stressful, although, we are working in it together the best we know how to.. The trust issues are null and void with me, seems he has broken all trust with me.. If this had been my own son, he would have been dealt with much differently, that is for sure. But with divorce, it can be so hard for parents to agree on what to do in these sort of situations when one parent will not DO SOMETHING!!
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